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Cologne, Germany (by Alexander Stoffel)
That’s why I only watch happy ending drama :)

人生就像是一道多项选择题,困扰你的往往是众多的选择项,而不是题目本身。Life is like a multiple choice question. Sometimes, the choices confuse you, not the question itself.

Dont let us deviate

“我做不到”不是让你放弃的理由,而是让你付出更多力量的理由。 "I can’t" isn’t a reason to give up, it’s a reason to try harder.

不要放弃希望 Do not give up hope

It’s important to stay positive even in the worst situation since nobody can cheer you up but yourself.

[The child had been given free reign for she was all of nine years old now, her natural taste beginning to form, and white wreath and muslin dress were as simple as Anna’s own. But if there was a bridesmaid suffused with the sheer joy of living on such splendid and dazzling day, that bridesmaid was Ollie Byrne.] And Anna smiled and laid her hand lightly on the bright curls, and turned to walk steadily to where Rupert waited: a man who had passed beyond all doubt and uncertainty - a man who had come home.

Eva Ibbotson, from The Secret Countess (via the-final-sentence)

A man who had come home.. Would I be a home for somebody?

I know that someday this kind of thing might happen for real and maybe God is giving me some trials, or warming up. But still I get F, I think. This thing still leaves the same pain. My threshold is never getting higher.

May Allah grant me the patience to overcome the troubles that lie ahead of me. May He surround me with beautiful people, those whose words will encourage my language to be purified with nothing but praises of Him, only. May He distance me from those who take me away from Him.

(via rabbrakha)

Trash can will forever be a trash can

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