May God forgive me for this and all these things I’ve done.

Gabrielle Zevin, from All These Things I’ve Done (via the-final-sentence)

Pray for the people of Palestine, and for all those who are being unjustly prosecuted, tortured, and killed around the world. We are in a time where there seems to be a goal to desensitize the world of death…where innocence is no longer even considered, but is being labeled irrelevant by the same people who are holding the guns or throwing the bombs, or even more so, those who are “secretly” funding those barbarians who have lost all understanding of justice and humanity, and have gone on killing sprees, targeting women and children. We see so many pictures and videos of bombs falling, of children being physical torn apart, and people losing entire families in a matter of seconds. We have to do our best to support the people experiencing injustice in any and every form, we have to help them stay strong, we have to help in every single way we can, but most importantly, and I cannot express this enough, we have to remember that the Prophet (SAW) said that the greatest weapon of a believer is Du’a (supplication). So, brothers and sisters, pray, make Du’a, stay up at night begging Allah with tears flooding your eyes, for justice, for peace, for patience, for strength, and for His Mercy, for the oppressed around the world. Please, let’s use this opportunity of Ramadan, in the last few days we have left, to come together and sincerely, from the deepest points of our hearts to dedicate most of our time towards making Du’a, and KNOW for a FACT that Allah will answer our Du’a. Jazakum Allahu Khairun. And Allah knows best.

Nadir Keval (

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